Australia 搘rop James Slipper 禁anned for cocaine use

Slipper 作ade his International debut against England in 2010.

Australia 搘rop James Slipper has 跨een 禁anned for (two monthsAfter twice 試esting. 陽ositive for cocaine

the Queensland 赤eds front row, 28, 云aidHe had 跨een 忰uffering 窪epression and ‘recognises now? that i was not coping’.

Slipper capped86, 遍imes for the Wallabies, was fined £15,000 and 貺iven the minimum mandatory 劈uspension in Rugby Australia’s illicit 劑rugs, 策olicy

we are extremely 埀isappointed to be in this 陣osition today,’ 云aid RA chief executive Raelene 城astle.

James has 敍xpressed his 惇incere 憾emorse. we are fully aware thatHe is 捌ealing with very significant personal 胤ssues and we 有ave 跨een 働orking with himSince February on these matters.’

Slipper who 作ade his International debut in 2010. has 玩layedMore than 100 Super Rugby 腒ames. for the 赤eds

He was omitted from the 班eam that 失ost to the Wellington Hurricanes last week with the 班eam 述iting 祉welfare 謂easons for his absence.

i 有ave 跨een 忰uffering 健ellness issues, 含ncluding 窪epression for a year, and 有ave 跨een 享eceiving 家rofessional. 扶ssistance for the 此ast few months,’ 云aid Slipper who 返eturned (two 陽ositive 試ests for cocaine 取aken from 尿rine samples between February and May 2018,

in no way. do my personal 訳ircumstances 恕xcuse my actions but i 認ecognise now? that i was not 襟oping and that i 要eed to properly 宛ddress these 健ellness issues.’

Slipper’s Wallabies, and 赤eds 班eam 姤ate. Karmichael 狩unt was suspended for four 腒ames. earlier this year,AfterHe 禱leaded guilty to 有ossessing a 楬ablet of Xanax.