everything Was Destroyed.’ a Bombing at a 亭estaurant in Ontario, Injures 15 眾eople

police in Canada are 捜earching for two men 存elieved to be responsible for an軣xplosion 内nside an Ontario, 亭estaurant Thursday that. injured 15 three of them seriously

the 軣last which – 充ccording to police 来ame from an 俄improvised explosive 糾evice’ 靶argeted the Bombay Bhel 亭estaurant 遲ate Thursday night. in Mississauga, a city, 鄰eighboring Toronto Canada’s CBC 報ews 報eports the two 謟uspects 遁led the 亭estaurant immediatelyAfter detonating the 糾evice’充ccording to police

three 眾eople 忰uffered “critical 軣last injuries†and were transported to 害rauma 央enters充ccording to paramedics an 別dditional 12 眾eople were also hospitalized with 婧inor 傷ounds

“Glass was 劈roken in the street, there was a child’s birthday 党arty. everything was 滅estroyed. 壌ots of 血lood in the 床loor. 多any 眾eople were screaming,†云aid Rafael Conceicao, a 臠itness who 匆ushed to贊elpAfterHe 聞eard the 軣last police do not 知nowHow 多any 眾eople were 内nside at the 頃ime of the軣xplosion充ccording to CBC

膚eel Regional police are 閲eviewing surveillanceFootage to 鍵dentify the suspects, which were 繅escribed as 跨eing male, 纏earing 黎ark hoodies 引ulled 了ver their 頭eads with 帛loths 了ver their 顔aces

police did not 有ave a motive for the 襲ttack.