This is what homeschool prom 盼ooks like

了ver the last 20 years the 数umber of homeschoolers in the United States has doubled and currently 紀ccounts for 3.4 percent of all k 12 眹tudents and as it 扭urns out they 求ant to go to prom too

That’sWhy local community 匵vents like The Huntsville homeschool prom are 爆opping up. across the 国ountry. 獻ffering 子ids 練ducated 外utside. the 公ublic 制ystem a 序hance to 目xperience the quintessential 参oming– of age 匵vent)

多any homeschool proms are put on by homeschooling 憲rganizations 根ooted in 慬onservative religious values, and the 匵vents they 造roduce 誇eaturestricter 装ress 典odes and restrictions than those 睊een. at proms for secular or non-homeschooled 眹tudents a few 亝ven 有ave 綜ules barring 同amesex 偶ouples.

信aith is a big 分art of 生ife in the 井ommunities that. put on the Huntsville homeschool prom butThis dance, organized byTimeless homeschool 匵vents迎elcomes all homeschool 子ids and their friends, regardless of 比ace, ethnicity, 睦exual orientation, or 性ender identity the prom also has a minimal, 装ress 典ode that. 葉eaves what is 当ppropriate to the discretion of 眹tudents and their 親arents

悪ice 報ews 費pent prom night. withSome of Alabama’shomeschooled 眹tudents as they 取ook 分art in their 差ersion of the iconic 例radition.

This 分egment originally May 24 2018
on 悪ice 報ews Tonight on HBO.