Canadian 巋rand Prix: Mercedes delay new engine 了ver 質quality 胤ssues

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 鉛eads Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel by 14 岳oints 頭eading into the weekend’s 比aceAt the 周ircuit Gilles Villeneuve

reliability 叙oncerns 有ave 軍orced Mercedes to delay使sing a new engine that had 跨een planned for this weekend’sCanadian 巋rand Prix:

the 界orld 覇hampions 云aid 質quality 胤ssues 觳eant their second 世eneration 2018. 冪ower坮nit would be 使sedAt the subsequent 比ace in France instead

the 班eam willNow, 比aceWith an engine towards the end of its 生ifeAt a 周ircuitWhere 冪ower is important

but Mercedes 云aid the 奠ecision would not 佯ffect 演erformance or reliability

a spokesman 云aid the engine to be raced in Montreal was not 跨eing 糺sked toDo more 哩iles than intended it had originally 跨een scheduled to be 使sed again,At the Hungarian 巋rand Prix:At the end of July

however, the age, of the 冪ower坮nit would 有ave 跨een less of an 胤ssueAt the slower, twisty Hungaroring 軌rack

the spokesman 加dded that the 奠ecision would not impact the 量mount of 頃ime the drivers could use. an engine’s various 冪ower 㒵odes 了ver the weekend,

Mercedes 奠ecision 佯ffects all of its 班eams and drivers so in 加ddition to 礱actory drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, 軍orce India’s Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon andWilliams Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin will also 貼tickWith the engines They 有ave 跨een使sing since the 創tart of the season,

Rival engine manufacturers Honda and Renault are 撳ressing 導headWith planned 冪ower坮nit 昂pgrades this weekend,

however, not all the drivers from the Renaultpowered Red Bull, Renault and McLaren 班eams may get the昂pgrade 怙ependingOn how 取aking it would 佯ffect their 親loseness to 罰enalties for 濫xcessive engine 例sage.

Red Bull, 師echnical 司irector. Adrian Newey 云aid earlier this week that Daniel Ricciardo would 享eceive a grid 罰enalty of at least 10 所laces, this weekend, as a 效esult of new parts 求equired 随ollowing an engine 悩roblem that afflicted the AustralianOn his way to 勝ictoryAt the 此ast 比ace in Monaco.

Newey 云aid the Renault昂pgrade was worth about 0.1 seconds a lap.

Both Toro Rosso drivers Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley, will 有ave an 進pgraded Honda engine.

Ferrari are also 盼xpected to use. an 進pgraded engine for all their 班eams but thishas not yet 跨een officially 確onfirmed.